Solar Heater Efficient and Effective Heating Systems


The use of solar heater has increased manifold in the past few years due to the mounting prices of other expensive fuels like gas, electricity and so forth.

In addition to being economical, these heaters are also eco friendly as it does not emit any sort of harmful residues.

Unlike the non renewable sources that are often used for heating purposes, these heaters require solar energy which requires no charges.

Today a variety of heaters can be bought from many of the online stores at affordable rates.

Though the initial cost of installing the solar heater is quite high, it is worth the price as it helps to heat homes and water continuously.

Solar Heater- Two Basic Types

There are basically two types of solar heating systems- the liquid based system and the air based system.

The liquid based system heat water in a collector where as the air based system heats air and stores in an air collector.

Solar energy is absorbed by these systems and stored in collectors from where it is distributed to the required spaces.

Most of the homes use liquid based solar heating systems as it is considered more efficient than the air based system.

The air based heaters use air for transferring heat and it does not freeze like the liquid based heaters.

But it is considerably less efficient than the liquid based heaters. It functions efficiently only during early morning and late in the evenings.

These heaters are mostly used for heating rooms.

The liquid based solar collectors are more efficient and used in most of the homes.

This system is ideal for heating homes as well as water for domestic purposes.

Choosing the Appropriate Solar Heater

There are many factors that decide which heating system should be chosen.

The geographical factor, the heating needs of your home and the size of your home decide the size and type of solar heater required to heat your home.

Since there are many types of heaters that work efficiently in heating your home and office it is important to choose one that is both cost-efficient as well as effective.

The solar heater includes panels which are installed on roof tops according to the availability of sunlight.

It is quite important to choose the size of panels according to the heating requirement of your home.

The larger the size of your home, the size of the panel should be equally larger.

As mentioned above there are both active as well as passive heating systems.

Solar energy is passed through the walls and roofs in the passive heating systems.

It can be utilised to heat both water as well homes.

Though it is not as efficient as the active heating systems, it is still used in homes for heating purposes.