Solar Energy Is a Powerful DIY Energy Option

Look at SunlightWhen thinking about adding solar energy to your home, the first factor to consider is the sun itself. It means knowing how much sunlight hits the region and your property.

If you live in a higher altitude or desert area, this will be easier to achieve.

For those individuals who live in other areas of the country, how bright the sun is at midday is something to watch.

What Type of Sun Is RequiredIf your house only sits in direct sunlight for a few hours a day, you may want to rethink solar energy for your house.

The reason is because solar energy requires a certain amount of bright, full, shadow-free sunlight to create enough electricity to be worth the effort and expense.

If it’s often cloudy, there may not be enough power available to harvest the energy and convert it into electricity.

Don’t Forget About ShadeThere are times when we like shade, especially when we’re in it.

However, solar panels aren’t so fond of shade because this lowers the voltage output. Even a small amount of shade will dramatically change the output of energy.

While the sun is a powerful DIY energy source, the amount of available power depends on where your home is located.It’s important to remember that day shadows will take place, especially later or earlier during the day.

Those times should’nt be a concern because the sun remains at an awkward angle. This means power is limited anyway and isn’t really being generated.

It’s more important to avoid shadows from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., specifically during midday hours. This is when the sun should be directly over the building.

Angle Toward the SunWhenever you use the sun for a DIY energy source, the solar panels need to be put on mounts that are focused on the sun.

When it’s angled toward the sun, it produces the most energy production. It also helps if the angle can be adjusted throughout the year, as light changes each season.

Then make sure to maintain the solar panels, so you receive maximum DIY energy amounts.